[FB Live] What do People See When They Google You?

The video below covers part of what I’ve been calling, “Complete Networking,” which focuses on making sure you have a goal, you have a brand and you work on the logistics of actually connecting with others. The Video focuses on the branding part of the formula.  What do people see when they Google you?  Because…

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Seth Godin Event Recap 12.10.16

Seth Godin, Marketer extraordinaire held a Q&A event in NYC on Saturday December 10, 2016. It ran from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and I was fortunate enough to be in the room. For those of you who don’t know Seth Godin, he is a speaker, author, marketer and really passionate about helping people to…

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[FBLive] Becoming a Complete Networker

I’ve always known that networking and community are extremely important.  I’ve been teaching the topic for a number of years now but have not been really focused on it until now.  You can expect to see more content from me around networking. Below is my start.  The video talks about a concept I call complete…

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Fear Not of Man

Here is a post from AmbassadorBruny.com that I thought you would appreciate.  It’s called, “Fear not of man.” Mos Def’s Fear Not of Man: The 2016 Track Changes Remix  

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no more reasonable doubt

8 Things You Can Do For a Leader In Your Community

You may have heard this story before about Superman: Lois Lane (his love interest) is hanging from the top of a building. She loses her grip and falls from the skyscraper. All of a sudden out of nowhere Superman swoops in and catches her in the air with a classic line, “Don’t worry, I’ve got…

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