no more reasonable doubt

You may have heard this story before about Superman: Lois Lane (his love interest) is hanging from the top of a building. She loses her grip and falls from the skyscraper. All of a sudden out of nowhere Superman swoops in and catches her in the air with a classic line, “Don’t worry, I’ve got you.” Lois responds by saying, “You’ve got me, who’s got you?”

The question I have is,

Who takes care of those who take care of everyone else?

Pray for our leader(s). At companies, campuses and everywhere in our communities they are leading and providing support to those in need.

Who takes care of them? We (the collective) are taking and they are so giving. But guess what? “They don’t always receive.”

They are used to being the first to stand up, to convene, to take action. I fear they don’t do enough sitting down. Our cell phones need to be recharged and so do our leaders.

On Being Mindful or My-indful

I had a discussion with a leader at my place of work about the topic of self-care and the word mindfulness came to mind. I want our leaders to be aware of what is going on for themselves as well as those they serve. I know the word mindfulness encompasses both what is going on around you as well as what is going on inside you, but I couldn’t help but think that the mindfulness of many of our leaders is externally focused to make sure we are OK. I want them to have permission to also use the word as “my-ndfulness,” as a way to make sure they are taking care of themselves.

What can you do to support a leader? keep reading.

8 Things You Can Do For A Leader In Your Community

  1. Hug ’em.
  2. Bring them something to eat (if you made it, that’s even better)
  3. Make sure they are drinking enough water (get them a water bottle and challenge them to drink one full bottle a day)
  4. Affirm them, “I see the work you are doing and appreciate it.”
  5. Listen to them, “what do you want to express that you don’t feel like you have the space to do so?”
  6. Look at them in their eyes and ask them, “How are YOU (pause) doing?
  7. Create space where they can unplug for a bit.
  8. Pray for them.

Find a leader in your community, place of work, place of worship and put one of the 8 suggestions mentioned above into effect.

Let us know how it goes and how it felt to support someone who is usually supporting you.

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Still on a mission to take you from invisible to invincible. I see you.