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Hi, I’m Mike Ambassador Bruny and I help Black Professionals start projects they are passionate about so they can expand their impact and brand in the world.  Those projects may be a book, a podcast, or a program for a community or cause you care about.  The truth is that it can be anything if your heart's in it. 

I don’t just advocate for Black professionals to create personal projects they are passionate about, I also do it myself and have been doing so for over a decade. 

Here’s why...

I’ve enjoyed my  9-to-5 jobs over the years but always felt like only part of me was being utilized.  There was a whole other part of me that was calling to be expressed—think Pookie from New Jack City; “It be calling me.” 

One of my first passion projects was the idea of using hip hop lyrics that I’ve found to be moving and turning them into something to motivate others to take action in their lives.

All I had was a vision with no idea of how to make it a reality...so I decided to abandon it.

Or so I thought; the idea just wouldn’t go away.

The right people and information started to show up when I took action.  I ended up publishing a book of hip hop affirmations, sold thousands of copies, spoke at a number of different places and even started a blog. 

Since that first project, I’ve gone on to create blogs, podcasts, a public speaking business, get certified as a professional coach and many other projects centered on my values and focused on helping people leverage what I have learned as a passionate side-hustler.

There is so much more to share and that is why I created my programs to help Black professionals start projects they are passionate about.  Use the button below to schedule a Free Consultation and let’s find out more about what you would love to do.

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