Do You Want To Make A Difference But Can't Seem To Find The Time?

Maybe You:

Turn on the television at night and see people who look like you having challenges that your skills could solve, but you just don’t seem to have the time to do anything about it

Get home each night after a long day at the office knowing you have a personal project you’re passionate about starting but feeling mentally exhausted after finishing your day J-O-B

Keep telling yourself you don’t have enough time, but really can’t point to what takes up all your time

If you find yourself thinking, “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That,” and putting off your passion project, then it’s time for you to sign-up for a, “Make Time To Make Impact,” coaching session and understand why:

You keep putting off that passion project you’ve been talking about for a hot minute

You can’t seem to muster up the motivation to work on your own project...even though you do it all so well for “The Man”

The thought of doing one more thing makes your head want to explode

After our time together you’ll walk away with a very clear sense of where your time is spent and how to make time so you can finally stop JUST TALKING about your passion project but MAKE TIME TO START IT.  All this in under 1 hour together.

How It Works

Fill out a brief time assessment prep form and then hop on a 45-minute video call with me.

Together we’ll take a deep dive into your week. 

At The End You'll:

Be able to see where your time goes during the week

See where you can make time for your passion project

Have a template you can edit

Receive tailored productivity insights to fit your personal style

Investment: $97

There are limited slots available each month, so be sure to grab one now

Ready For More Guidance And Support?

My Passion Project Starter is a 12 session 1-on-1 coaching program specifically designed to help you start your passion project and expand your impact in this world. Here's how it works:

Step 1. Appreciate/Recognize Your Potential

We start by looking inward and getting grounded in what you already have. Through several exercises, you will get clear on your values, strengths, and take inventory of your past wins and key lessons.  When you’re alone in your room staring at the wall and in the back of your mind you hear your unconscious telling you, “Something needs to be different.” And you wonder, “But what? And where do I start?”  This work will serve as your guiding light.

Step 2. Build Your Ecosystem

Having identified what is important to you and what you bring to the table, we’ll begin defining your project by exploring who you’d like to impact with your work, who you need in your corner and why.  Knowing who you want to serve allows you to focus on YOUR goals. It eliminates the noise of everyone and their cousin giving you advice about what you should or shouldn’t do! Building relationships with those who can help you makes the journey smoother.  This step ensures your project has the kind of impact you want on the people you most want to serve/help.

Step 3. Develop Your Project

Having defined/identified who you'd like to help and how, it's time to begin planning your work.  We’ll start by thinking big and then break your project vision down into achievable actionable steps. When your “work-work” is done and everything is settled at home you’ll be ready to match your time and energy to the right task so you stay motivated and keep things movin’ forward.

Step 4. Take Action!

It’s time to APPLY the actions you identified in Step 3 by making them part of your weekly schedule. You will discover practical project management techniques and experience the power of having an accountability partner on your side to keep you focused, motivated, and moving forward.  A few weeks in you will say, “Oh snap, I didn’t realize I could get so much done with small consistent action.”

Sounds good?  Click the button below and fill out the short form to schedule time to chat with me. We’ll learn more about each other and get your questions answered.

Only a few coaching seats are available for the Passion Project Starter 1-on-1 program each month so don’t delay, fill out that form now!

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