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If you are looking for support to advance your career and life, join us on Facebook.  We have a growing group of Black professionals just like you who are looking to change the course of their careers and lives.

Benefits of Community

No More Loneliness

This is your private space to can connect with like like minded professionals.  Ever wondered what others are going through and if it's similar to your journey?  Well this community is a great way to find out.  Not only can you get support but you can also give it.

The Information You Need To Advance Your Goals

How do you even begin to filter through all of the information available on the web.  No sweat, we'll help.  We'll provide you with original and curated content that is focused on helping you with professional development.  We've got the tools and tips that will help you be on the cutting edge.  Go ahead and look like a hero at work, it's on us.

Answers to Your Questions

Twice a month we hold free group coaching calls.  It's a great way to get answers to those pressing questions you have.  We know sometimes you just don't know who to turn to for advice or a second opinion.  We'll guess what?  We have a certified coach and occasional special guest who are here to help you get the answers you need to keep things moving.