Young Professionals of Color. No More Reasonable Doubt

Name: Jude Bernard

Title: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Contact: Facebook

Company: Entrepreneur

What They Do: Buy, Sell, Rent Real Estate

Originally From: Brooklyn, NY (Haitian Descent)

College: Saint John’s University

Field of Study: Business Management

Recommended Books: 

Listen in to the interview:

A Few Notes From the Show:

No matter what you decide to do you have to live for it,

you have to breathe it, it has to be who you are

  • “Where Brooklyn at?”
  • Not an idle threat when parents say they will send you back to Haiti. It happen to him.
  • Promised parents he would get his MBA. Went for 1.5 Semester but didn’t see the value of it so walked away.
  • Was already working on his real estate path and knew he didn’t want to work for someone his entire life.
  • Knew he wanted to be a boss.
  • MBA program gives a lot of good basics to run a business. The way he interpreted it as a requirement to get a job and further your career. It’s not what he wanted so it was like a waste of his time.
  • Made the decision, “I really don’t need this,” after starting his MBA.
  • Was looking for some supplement income so picked up a property and became more.
  • Knew wanted to be his own boss, didn’t necessarily know real estate would be the path.  It became something he was doing as supplement income and it morphed into someone more than that.
  • After school got an offer as an analyst at Goldman Sachs and Technician at Verizon.  Although the former was more glamorous he didn’t want the corporate structure.  So he chose Verizon and became a manager in record time.
  • By the time Verizon decided they no longer needed him, his Verizon pay was his play around money.
  • Shares story about how Shaq’s NBA check was dwarfed by sponsorship dollars
  • Advice: Go Hard.  No matter what you want to do, you have to put the work in more than everyone else.
  • The same way Steph Curry is taking 300 shots before the game or artist like Jay-Z or Prince have stock piles and stock piles of music you never hear because they are constantly honing their craft.  No matter what you decide to do you have to live for it, you have to breathe it, it has to be who you are.
  • Your character; you have to always, always be that good guy.  There are no short cuts to your relationships.  You can’t do anyone dirty.  You don’t need to make enemies.
  • You have to pay attention.  There are always signs.  Nothing ever just happens out of the blue.
  • He is a Game of Thrones Head
  • You have to look out for the little subtle things.
  • Talks about how he started a hair weave company and ran it for 4 years during a downturn in the real estate market, then he found out about the Washington homeowners insurance and started to get into real estate once more.
  • Pay attention because you never know where the opportunities may be. If you have blinders and your headphones on, things will run right by you.
  • We talk about the art of making a deal.
  • Everybody is willing to trade one thing for another. Time, Money, etc.
  • You have to understand what someone wants and you have to ask yourself, what am I willing to give or trade.
  • What do I have that you want, what do you have that I want and can we sit down and work out the details for the exchange. Sometimes it’s possible, sometimes it isn’t.
  • Recommends the autobiography by Steve Jobs. Talks about being able to see opportunity when others couldn’t.
  • Hear his story about making a million dollars by flying to Jamaica.

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