Name: James Lopez

Title: CEO & Co-Founder of The Phat Startup

Contact: @ImJamesJLopez | @ThePhatStartup 

Company: The Phat Startup

What They Do: Hustle!  Whatever it takes to move the needle

Originally From: The South Bronx

College: Lehman College / Pace University (Masters)

Field of Study: Computer Science, Telecommunications (Masters)

Recommended Books: 

Listen in to the interview:

A Few Notes From the Show:

  • Mixes it up with Tech and hip hop to give him the balance of where he is going and remind him of where he is from. 
  • The Phat Startup is an education and media company that provides resources for aspiring entrepreneurs that get Tech and Hip Hop Culture. 
  • People get it mixed up; they think when you are the boss, when you are the CEO, you only work 2-3 hours; not the case when you’re the boss and you’re just starting out, those 24hr days are the norm. 
  • The Phat Startup mixes tech culture with hip hop culture.
  • After college thought would be working towards being a CTO.
  • Fell for the trap, go to college, get a good job, maybe a good government job but wasn’t fulfilled.
  • The corporate world just wasn’t enough for him. 
  • Talks about buying several pairs of Jordans and selling them so he could pay for his own. He was always a hustler. 
  • Was working at Random house; always loved reading books. 
  • Came across a book by @PamSlim that changed his life. 2 months later he quit his job.
  • Knew he wasn’t going to get paid the same but knew he was going to be happier somehow.
  • Had no idea he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Was really introduced to it while reading books at Random House. 
  • After leaving Random House none of his worst case scenarios ever happened.
  • Your Worst Case Scenarios probably won’t happen.  You find a way. 
  • Want to get into entrepreneurship?  Do it.  Start early. 
  • Don’t wait. try and hope for the best. If you fail, you fail, big deal.
  • The thought process of “I can actually do it,” happened because he tried. 
  • The possibility of actually making it is something no one really talks about. His H.S. Counselors doubted him, but he proved them wrong. 
  • Recommends, “Without Their Permission,” by @AlexisOhanian because we spend so much time waiting for permission.  We wait for permission to go to a good school, we wait for permission to quit our job, we wait for permission to find our soulmate; this book was all about doing things on your terms.
  • “Why are we always waiting for a co-sign.  We don’t need a co-sign.  The co-sign comes from within…make it happen”
  • When you are hustling the universe opens up to you
  • Have empathy when trying to connect with someone.
  • Try to take the emotion out.  Don’t take things too personal.
  • He learned the hard way that not everyone is your friend in this game.
  • Talk the language of the people you want to serve. It’s ok if the people you are not trying to serve say they don’t want your product.

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