Name: Abe Cajudo

Title: Flux Artist, Progressive Storyteller and Creative Consultant

Contact:, @Ahabraham

Company: / Frame Kicker (coming soon)

What They Do: Helps businesses and brands standout through high impact multimedia storytelling

Originally From: Born in the Philippines, Crew up in Vallejo, CA 

College: UC San Diego 

Field of Study: Started undeclared, then computer science, then interdisciplinary computing in the arts. Got bored so took on a second major Psychology. 

Recommended Books: 

Listen to the interview:

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A Few Notes From the Show:

  • Loves storytelling so created his business around it.
  • I basically like making stuff.
  • Was bored in school so took on a second major; Psychology.
  • After college went for work that he thought would provide him with the skills he wanted to learn and didn't necessarily learn in college.
  • Took jobs above his head so he could learn.
  • Big part of his career philosophy has been jumping into bigger pools and learning to swim.
  • Talks about being part of a comedy troupe called, Touch Blue.
  • Not being able to figure out how to take his troupe to the next level sent him on a quest to figure out what makes entertainment tick.
  • Saw a lot of people in the online world struggling with what he used to do for fun, so he knew there was value.
  • The way a musician gets better is through practice and repetition.
  • Practice the fundamentals until you are really good at it.  It's what makes sense to him.
  • The power of search and following your curiosity.
  • "If we spend enough time looking for answers we will find them.  The excuses melt away."
  • Talks about building his own business philosophy by researching others and deciding what he would adopt and what he would reject.
  • We can all benefit from being more curious on the web. Knowledge that was historically kept from us is now in the cloud.
  • The Tipping Point is a book that changed the way he looked at people and the world.

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