Hey this is Mike Ambassador Bruny with another solo episode.  Today we are going to talk about wanting to do better but not knowing how to do better.  This episode was inspired by the show, “The Wire.”  

Listen in: 

I got put on to the show “The Wire,” not too long ago. Thing is, it’s about 10yrs old and it’s still relevant.  

I wanted to share the transcript from a moving scene where a boxing coaching (Cutty) is talking to a young man who is from a broken home where his family are junkies, he is pretty smart, gets beat up a lot so he is trying to learn to fight.  Duquan is the young man’s name.  Let’s just say trying to learn to fight didn’t go to well.  This is a conversation that takes place after his training.

Cutty: I guess what I’m trying to say is; not everything comes down to how you carry it in the street.  I mean, it do come down to that if you’re gonna be in the street.  That ain’t the only way to be.

Duquan: Around here it is.

Cutty: Yeah, around here it is.  The world is bigger than that; at least that’s what they tell me.

Duquan: Like, how do you get from here to the rest of the world?

Cutty: I wish I knew

This was one of the most powerful conversations from the show and it was one that made me think of you oh young professional of color at the beginning of your career.  Not because you come from a broken home or anything like that but because you are searching for answers and if  you don’t find them, you go with what you know.  That my friend is a limitation and we are going to change that.  

Here is a question for you?

Where are you going for advice and are they equipped to help you or at least point you in the right direction?

A few key points from that dialog above that I want you to leverage.

That Ain't The Only Way To Be

You are just starting your career and you are fresh out of school (undergrad or grad) and probably filled with ideas of how you are going to change the world.  

Or you may have a limited view on this thing called work and career.  If you were like me, your parents gave you a great foundation and great values but they weren’t going to or couldn’t even tell you how to navigate the new world of knowledge work.

You may be the first in your family to be in a corporate or corporate-ish job setting so you run with what you have heard or over heard from others.  

For now, take everything in that you hear but know you are going to have to make up your own mind based on who you are and who you are becoming.  

Trust that who you are now is not who you will always be.  Be ready to make and embrace change to move your career and life forward.

The World Is Bigger Than That

Keep an eye out for the movers and shakers.  Those who share similar values and are really making things happen.  Invite them out for 15 minutes of coffee and ask them how they got where they are and what they would do if they were starting over today (kinda like you).  Listen, take notes and look for patterns. 

How Do You Get From Here To The Rest Of The World?

Stay curious.

Look for opportunities that look too big for you.  

Say, “Yes,” more often.  

You are at the beginning of the race and know that there is a lot of training to be done.  

Do the math, you practice more than you play the actual game.  Don’t be surprised by that fact. 

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Empowering Young Professionals of Color through The Wire