Below is the transcript of this solo episode


Welcome to No More Reasonable Doubt, the show focused on helping young professionals of color have more impact at work and helping companies retain and develop their diverse employees.


This is a special message to young professionals of color.  


You don’t need another speech, you need support.  You need a long term investment in you and your future.  You don’t get that from a speech or a one-time program.


How do I know?  I’ve been a professional speaker for nearly a decade.  Most of that time spent speaking in front of college students and young professionals.  Some of color but not always.


My speaking evolved over time.  I went from, “This is the speech I have for you,” to “I’d like to survey the crowd before I speak,” to now, “How can I help them build a community of support?”


After every speech especially if it was in front of people who look like me I would extend the invitation to stay connected.  My email was on the screen, but out of all the talks I’ve given only ONE person (Lavar Thomas) really stayed in touch and took me up on the offer to be of service, to serve as a sounding board for him, to help him move his mission forward.  You want to know where he is at the time of this recording?  He is spending two years in the Peace Corps; something you don’t see many Black males doing.  


Nope, I can’t take credit for his hunger, all I can do is provide a spotlight, a platform to say way to go Lavar.