Young Professional of Color

Name: Daniel Narcisse

Title: Senior Quality Assurance Lead

Contact: @DanielKrepi

Company: Staples 

What They Do: Testing applications

Originally From: Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

College: Fitchburg State University

Field of Study: Computer Information Systems

Recommended Books: 

Listen in to the interview:

A Few Notes From the Show:

  • Testing applications.
  • Wear many hats: Project Management, Business Analyst, QA.
  • I share my ignorance about what Staples does.
  • Originally wanted to do computer science but took a business course and fell in love with it so did a hybrid degree.
  • After college thought would be getting a desktop support job.
  • First job out of college was a QA Analyst.
  • Had 4 jobs, worked an average of 96 hours a week while going to school.
  • Advice: Be aggressive, stand out.
  • Do not hide.
  • Once you are comfortable somewhere, leave.
  • Has many interest which serves as renewal energy.

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