Young Professionals of Color

Name: Kofi Frimpong

Title: Co-Founder, Brand Slip

Contact: Twitter – @TheRealKofi @BrandSlip| Instagram – @Kofi @BrandSlip

Company: Brand Slip 

What They Do: 

  • Influencer marketing company.  Work with digital social media stars on Vine, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat to create content for brands.  Oversees everything, working on product development.

Originally From: Oldbridge, NJ (central NJ)

College: Princeton University 

Field of Study: Biology (pre-med)

Recommended Books: 

Listen in to the interview:

A Few Notes From the Show:

  • Spoke about how we met at the National Urban League Conference in Boston.
  • Influencer marketing company.  Work with digital social media stars on Vine, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat.
  • Talks about the art of the deal and how to close deals.  A lot of practice and mentors have helped him.
  • We talk about getting nervous.
  • Study Bio (pre-med); senior year decided Medicine wasn’t for him.
  • Always had a notebook of different business ideas.
  • Did a pitch competition at Princeton and came in 2nd place.  At that point decided to be an entrepreneur.
  • We talk about how his degree in Biology degree helps him as an entrepreneur.
  • Talked about having a reference point.
  • You have to listen to his story about what happen after school.
  • Listen to how he leveraged pitch competitions to raise $100k for his business.
  • Talks about mistakes he made including business partners and leaving his first company.
  • Decided to go and work for a start up. Hailo (Uber competitor).
  • He learned so much about the startup world by working it.
  • Learned that even if a company raises a lot of money things can still be all over the place.
  • After a year worked for a number of other startups in NYC. Then he caught the bug again.
  • Then started MealTics, crowdfunding meals for the homeless by using restaurants and delivering them to homeless shelters.
  • Saw a bigger opportunity with Brand Slip.  Building a community for influencers.
  • When first moved to LA, didn’t have much money so slept out of his car.
  • We talk about mindset and where he got his inspiration from to do this entrepreneurial thing.
  •  We talk about taking seed money and where did he learn about that?  Listen as he talks about two Princeton classmates who dropped out to pursue their business ideas.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others.  Focus on what you are doing.
  • Stay even keeled during the highs and the lows.

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