Young Professionals of Color_ Mecca Brown

Name: Mecca Brown 

Title: Senior Claims Operations Manager | Life and Career Coach

Contact: / Facebook / Twitter

Company: Mecca M Brown dot com / United Health Group 

What They Do: Coaches women in life and career as a side hustler.  Full-time: health care operations, United Health Group. Senior Claims Operations Manager. Manages a team of 50 people. 

Originally From: Born in Guam (parents were in military), moved to San Diego 

College: UCSD: University of California San Diego and did not graduate

Field of Study: N/A 

Recommended Books: 

Listen in to the interview:

A Few Notes From the Show:

  • Gave us a lyric from “Remember my name,” by Forte Miner, “This is 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, 50% pain and 100% reason to remember the name.”
  • When you feel like giving up refer to Eminem song, Lose Yourself. Lyric: success is the only option, failure is not.
  • Is a side hustler working as a life coach and a Senior Claims Operations Manager.
  • Works with women of color and those who are from the wrong side of the tracks.
  • Always the one to volunteer at work to gain more knowledge
  • Decided to leave school. Was raising a family.
  • worked at career services while at college.
  • worked at a temp agency. Was successful because they knew she could learn something quickly and make things happen for their clients.  Leveraged the temp agency to build her skills.
  • Saw while working at career services grads struggle without having enough skills and depth to be in demand.
  • Took opportunities and risk.
  • Make sure you build a compelling story and keep telling that story so people come looking for you.
  • Keeping track of what you do and what you learn.
  • Has an excel spreadsheet where she keeps track of accomplishments and things that she’s done.
  • Keeps track of all the versions of her resume.
  • Keeping track allows you to be ready for interviews.
  • “Be fearless and take chances”
  • Time has taught her to trust herself.
  • Important to know the faces of shame so you don’t internalize it.
  • Important to have a strong sense of self.
  • We talk about the books she would recommend.
  • We talk about Daring Greatly by Brene Brown and the piece about men and being on a high horse.

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