Empowering young professionals with Theresa Campbell

Name: Theresa Campbell

Title: Founder & CEO

Contact: Her Life, Her Legacy  

Company: Her Life, Her Legacy, LLC

What They Do: Transformational coach, marketing strategist and author who brings high achieving, remarkable women into the life they dream of, but fear they can’t have.

Originally From: Gross Pointe, MI, currently in Orlando Florida

College: Michigan State University // Rollins College

Field of Study: Marketing // MBA with a concentration in management and entrepreneurship

Recommended Books: 

Listen in to the interview:

A Few Notes From the Show:

  • Host the “Let’s Talk Legacy,” podcast
  • Also works at Ford Motor company. Been there for 10 years in Marketing and Sales.  Does business development work during the day
  • She is the business development specialist.  She is like the Wizard of OZ making things happen.
  • Her Life, Her Legacy is her coaching practice.
  • We talk about what she wish she would have learned in undergrad
  • Talk about listening to yourself
  • Talk about the one life that changed her life, “What is your purpose?”
  • Spoke about choosing to do the things that align with who you are.
  • We spoke about leaving your soul in the car while you go to work and it asking that you please leave the window open a little.

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