empowering young professionals of color

Name: Jason Whiteman

Title: Financial Advisor | Speaker | Author

Contact: Facebook

What They Do: Help people, empowerment

Originally From: London, England

College: Utica College of Syracuse University 

Field of Study: Public Accounting

Recommended Books: 

Listen in to the interview:

A Few Notes From the Show:

  • People will like you because you like you.
  • Where you are is all you need.
  • One of his passions is empowering people.
  • Staying inside of a field and learning it well.
  • Became a speaker because of his positive energy.
  • He was open to opportunity.
  • The only reason they asked you to do something is because they believe in you.
  • Wish was told, “Don’t be afraid of Change.”
  • Don’t be afraid to change to be happy.
  • Failure is a prerequisite for success.
  • Talks about the ABC’s: Aim high, Believe in yourself, Correct mistakes

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