empowering young professional of color

Name: Fatimah Williams Castro, Ph.D 

Title: Speaker, Writer, Coach

Contact: Website | Twitter

Company: Beyond The Tenure Track 

What They Do: Career planning and professional development for Ph.D job seekers.

Originally From: Patterson, NJ (until 10th grade), South Boston, VA


Undergrad: University of Virginia
Doctorate: Rutgers University 

Field of Study: 

Undergrad: African-American studies and Foreign Affairs 
Doctorate: Cultural Anthropology 

Recommended Books: 

Listen in to the interview:

A Few Notes From the Show:

  • Felt like should be doing something else besides becoming a professor after getting her Ph.D. 
  • Started doing management consulting on her own. 
  • Talk about a couple of questions you never ask a Ph.D:
    • How’s your paper going?
    • Are you finished yet?
    • What’s the impact?
  • Great discussion around the different levels of entrepreneurship. 
  • Entrepreneurship: Are you ready for the hustle?  Start before you need to get money from it.  Read everything you need to read, take advantage of resources around, test.
  • Was offered a post doc position but decided to take a position at a non-profit instead. 
  • Get exposure to the commerce side of things early.  Just because you are smart doesn’t mean you have to go into academics. 
  • Great story about money and social justice.

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