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Name: Yosh Gunawardena

Title: Creative Director & Partner

Contact: Instagram 

Company: Roger That

What They Do:  A Creative Director helps build a visual message to a client. Yosh works with her company to get projects, to help them dive into the creative process and when they get to the visual credited (which is kinda close to the end) she works closely with the clients to figure out what they want their brand to represent.

Originally From:  Portland, OR / Family from Sri Lanka

College: Portland State University

Field of Study: Graphic Design and Communications.

Recommended Books: 

Listen in to the interview:

A Few Notes From the Show:

  • Started on low end production design, until she built her way up into graphic design vision and recently she had the opportunity to start her own company with friends.
  • Best advice for someone who is starting would be to start building your network and stay hungry for more knowledge.
  • Some of the skills she has developed during her career include patience and being open to listen to different ideas.
  • Grew up loving art, over the years she started looking for areas more linked to design.

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