Empowering young professionals of color

Name: Jullien Gordon

Title: Coach | Speaker | Podcaster

Contact: JullienGordon.com

What They Do:  Some people call him “Motivational speaker”, but he doesn’t use that terminology.  Speaking and writing, those are ways he does his work. His job is really about helping people to recognize their value and design their lives.

Originally From: Oakland, California.

College: University of California, Los Angeles – UCLA |University of Stanford in Palo Alto, CA (MBA)

Field of Study: Business Economics and Master on Education.

Recommended Books: 

A Few Notes From the Show:

  • I share how I sought out Jullien Gordon after 3 people suggested that I meet him. 
  • He gave to me with the topic, “Results before Race: Personal Branding For Professionals of Color.”
  • Father of a 1 year old girl.
  • As the son of two divorced doctors, he always had this vision of the Cosby Family etched.
  • He challenges professionals of color to step out of those traditional paths and make their own road.
  • Graduated from UCLA in 3 years with his bachelor’s degree in business economics.
  • Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT): As the national talent recruitment manager for Management Leadership for Tomorrow’s undergraduate Career Prep program.
  • Corporate America is dominated by “white men” and if they won’t pay their own mother,wife and daughters’ equally and fair, what makes us think that as professionals of color they will pay us fairly or respect us fairly?
  •  He quotes: “How does somebody know me; not as a black man first, but they know me as a valuable professional first and as a black man second, third, fourth…”
  • He highly suggests that we should be working for companies that we believe in and know that they believe in our communities.
  • The number one way to brand ourselves professionally is to start capturing and documenting your artifacts and evidence of success.
  • Sometimes you have to leave the vacuum out so people know you did the work.
  • He mentions that since college you probably have been dating companies. Let’s be honest, the way the economy is changing and how fast it is changing, we have to date companies until we to find our unique value until we find what we actually love.
  • How are you adding value?
  • The most powerful words in the English language are “I don’t know”
  • When we are thinking about careers, there’s just one little circle of career that we know exist and think we know a lot about it and there’s a big circle of careers that we know exist but we know nothing about.
  • He says that when he talks to people, he challenges them to get focus on the action that they love doing and when they start working with the actions first which are your passions, then from there, there are many career opportunities and possibilities that will allow you to do what you actually want to do on a daily bases.
  • He challenges people that whenever they feel like writing a book about thoughts, a framework that they have, that has been used to do their work successfully or the future of their field. Go to create space and publish it as a book and he guarantees that the artifacts and evidence of success will open more doors than any resume everywhere.
  • Just because you are an employee, doesn’t mean you cannot have a blog around your industry.

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