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Name: Tonya Rapley

Title: Millennial Money Coach| Personal Finance Writer |Blogger | Certified Financial Educator |

Contact: @MyFabFinance on all social media platforms

Company: MyFabFinance.com

What They Do: Helps people discover their passion and obtain financial freedom so they can afford to pursue their passion.

Originally From: Charlotte, North Carolina.

College: Florida International University, for undergraduate | Brooklyn College for MA.

Field of Study: Public Administration and Urban Policy and Affairs.

Recommended Books:

A Few Notes From the Show:

  • Moved to New York since 2008.
  • Founder of myfabfinance.com She created it originally and later she brought a co-founder and they had different visions, goals. They decided to split 6 month later.
  • She chooses to work with coaches that have lived a particular experience, since the experience is the best teacher you can learn from along with the books.
  • Became a money coach after repairing her own finances.
  • When she reached the age of 27, she realized that she didn’t want to reach the age of 30 and have bad credit and just be a financial record essentially.
  • Started myfabfinance.com as her accountability partner and now it has become her own business.
  • She started to improve her financial record slowly at first, using things like Target coupons to cut costs and putting more into her savings. From this foundation she has been able to continue to grow and improve her finances.
  • She has achieved her 3 weeks anniversary from working for herself with myfabfinance.com
  • She didn’t shared wanting to be a money coach, it just happened because once she started showing people what she was doing in her own life, they became interested in what she was doing and how she was doing it, and how she could help them, so then she went on to become a trained certified financial educator and the rest is history from there.
  • She spent a lot of time researching coaching tactics, and how she could be most effective as a coach and help people with their money overall.
  • Tonya is really passionate about helping people discover their passion, because she has seen what this has brought to her life when embarking on this journey of myfabfinances.com
  • I want people to have something they’re passionate about…
  • Money is a major component to be able to reach many of the things we are passionate about, and she wants to be able to help people so they can actually pursue their passion.
  • I really just wanted people to understand basically that this is real, what I’m doing is real
  • She believes there is power in telling and sharing your stories, because there are a lot of people who are suffering in silence or are ashamed of their finances.
  • She wanted to share her financial journey, she wanted it to be her accountability partner for the goal of increasing her credit score to 750 by the time she reached 30 years old and she also wanted free clothes.
  • She realized Myfabfinances was going to be a business until last year around this time when she came back from the financial bloggers conference.
  • Does a lot of freelance writing.
  • Worked with Fidelity finances in North Carolina.
  • When growing up she hated math, so she believed that many people could say she was the less financial communicator person they could think of. But for her this brings the following things:
    • For her, being a financial educator it demonstrates that even if you struggle with Math and Algebra, growing up you can still manage your money. We often associate math with money and it is per say, but just because you are bad at math doesn’t mean you have to be bad at managing your money. So long as you follow the important steps to sound money management (read more here), you will be absolutely fine.
    • She wanted to be a foreign services officer so she studied Public Administration in undergrad and her graduate degree is in Urban Policy Administration. She doesn’t have a finance background and because of that she was insecure when she started Myfabfinances, but she found a way to make it her strength. By not having a finances background she is able to talk to people in a way they can understand her and breakdown difficult concepts for the everyday people.
  • While she was in a meeting with one of her clients (vice-president and president), she was asked: “Tonya what do you think you would be doing?” and she responded: “Well, not this”. Because 5 years ago she never thought she was going to be doing what she is doing.
  • She understand she wants to be successful, but she also understands that what she does it might not be what she will be doing on the next 5 years.
  • Sometimes we are so focused on what we are supposed to be doing so we don’t end up doing what we should be doing right now.
  • She believes that being flexible allows you to live life.
  • After undergrad, she couldn’t get a job so she started working as a traveling make up artist for Estee Lauder. Find out pirajafisken.net.
  • She also worked as a buyer for the Lowes home improvements store and she manage the Elmer’s glue supplies and she got fired from this job (first and only job she got fired).
  • She moved to New York on December 30th of 2008 with only $500.00 in her bank account, her unemployment check
  • When she moved to New York she started as a blogger and that’s how she learned about different social media channels.
  • “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes”.
  • “I don’t think that people told me enough to fight for what I’m worth.”
  • You know I’m worth more than this and you know I’m worth more than this.”
  • She suggest to demand what you are worth.
  • Do the work and make the necessary connections.
  • Sometimes we have more loyalty to these companies than we have to ourselves. “These Co’s and loyal.”
  • Email things to yourself; both the raise and questionable things about in.

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