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Name: Mesh Lakhani

Title: Founder & Instructor at Future Investor; Investment Allocator; Musician.

Contact: MeshLakhani.Com

Company: Future Investor

What They Do: He manages his family’s investments. When he says he is an “allocator” it means he invests across asset classes, so he allocates accordingly to their risk profile and to who he thinks are the best investors in their asset class. So he basically finds people that are very good at what they do, and he allocates their resources, including the use of tools as an Online percentage calculator to calculate profit and other necessary statistical data.

Originally From: Born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and raised in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

College: University of Virginia

Field of Study: Foreign Policy.

Recommended Books: Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist by Roger Lowenstein 

Listen to the interview:

A Few Notes From the Show:

  • He doesn’t like to say he is an investor because he doesn’t do direct deals.
  • On the education side, he believes there should be free education on the investment side for everyone, so he created a program named: “Future Investor.”
  • He already created two free online classes; one is general investment basics, what the stock market is, what a portfolio looks like, what risk looks like. The other class is focus on angel investment; how to use angel, how to invest online. 
  • He has about 1750 students enrolled in the courses.
  • He mentioned that from his Bachelor’s degree he learned two things:
    • Open his eyes to what’s going on.
    • Taught him to talk and take a bit of information and run with it.
  • There were two forms of education for Mesh, one was school which he described more as social and the other one was having all the different good people around him who allowed them to create these courses.
  • He shares that even after 10 years of college people keep learning. And there is a personal growth that doesn’t need to be pushed.
  • He is not doing exactly what he thought he would be doing after graduating college. He always kind of knew he wanted to be on the investment side when he had a taste for it back in 2008, when his dad introduced him into doing it for family stuff. It was always a dream for him to work on the investment side and now he has switched into the private investment space.
  • When his parents got divorces, his mom gave him the chance to run her finances, and he mentions that part of his motivation was also that he wanted to build a legacy.
  • He comes from a culture of a big family where everyone takes care of everyone.
  • Investments doesn’t pay out everyday. The day-to-day is ideally focus on investing in things that provide income. A lot of it is how they allocate themselves with the cash and make sure that there is enough to pay expenses because he knows that a lot of the investment that he does it might take a year or ten years to see the returns on it. So you have to make sure that there is enough to cover other expenses.
  • His day-to-day job as allocator is to make sure to allocate the correct profile of a person/company into the correct portfolio.
  • He mentioned that he had many struggles before getting into his groove now that he is 31 years old. When he was reaching his 30’s he felt like he was finally getting into his groove, that means that he just started but it took him 10 years to get to this point where he feels like he is starting. He had several failures, attempts, times when he thought he was not worth anything. He was a very fortunate kid, because even when is comfortable, he felt like he was meant to be nothing.
  • He recommends to those who are interested in following his footsteps to be patient,  there are no shortcuts. He mentioned that he is in a very lucky situation, he had someone who trusted him and provided with the money to start, but he advises to take any opportunity.
  • An application he suggests to try is which is a free training platform where you can trade stocks for free.
  • An unspoken wisdom Mesh advises is to never think that you are smarter or always right than others, be around people that think that are smarter than you and don’t let your pride or ego get in the way since they are your worst enemies. You want to be around people that you can really learn and hoping that this person is doing the same.
  • He reads more online articles, blogs, posts, etc. Because he easily gets distracted.
  • There are a few sites Mesh recommends:

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