Name: Early Jackson  / Twitter: @Mr_Empowerment Latest project: FB Page, Web

Title: Life coach and transition specialist

Company: New Direction Coaching Associates 

What They Do: Change cultures 

Originally From: Norfolk, VA.  Grew up in Philly

College: Military, University of Phoenix 

Field of Study: Business Management

Recommended Books: Rules For Revolutionaries by Guy Kawasaki

Listen in to the interview:

A Few Notes From the Show:

  • You want to Tweet this: If you are poor employee at someones place of business you are going to  make a piss poor boss as well
  • Knew what his gift was early on.
  • Advice – get a strong enough why?  Really understand what we are supposed to do. When you know why, you discover what.  why do you do what you do.
  • No one is going to invest in you until you do. 
  • You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you hustle for.
  • Unspoken wisdom – effort is going to beat out raw talent every time.
  • Experience is an expensive teacher.
  • Too many people stumbling in the dark. On a mission to turn on the light.

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