Hey this is Mike Ambassador Bruny with another episode of No More Reasonable Doubt.  This is a special episode because this is coming to you live from Orlando, FL.  I’m at ScholarCon, which is a conference for college honor students. 

Part of the message I shared with them was about creating an Operation System to serve as a sturdy foundation as things in the environment shift and change. 

I gave them 7 pieces that they could use as a draft or template if you will.  I’ll share them with you as well so you can run with it.  They are adapted from something I created called the Ambassador’s Creed.

Listen in:

The first one is Run the Point, which means to take action from where you are with what you have.  No need to focus on the past or things you wish you had that you don’t.  Work from where you are right now. 

The second is Be a Wounded Healer.  This one is about being clear that we all have weaknesses and things that could stop us from moving towards our goals.  Some of those things are external factors but many are internal.  I encouraged you to remember that you have wounds but you also have strengths.  Acknowledge the former but leverage the later to keep it moving.

The third is Superman’s Superman.  No matter how high and mighty we get we can all use help.  Don’t let your position become the reason why you don’t reach out for help.  You may need to find a safe space to get help, but be sure to do so. 

The fourth is The Books you read.  I’m not just talking about books here.  This is continuously learning and finding ways to make it easier to keep learning, like using audio books and listening to podcast like this one.

The fifth is The People you Meet.  This is about Networking and building relationships as part of the fabric of your being.  People make things happen so you better have some in your corner. 

The Sixth is Reciprocity.  Giving back because we all have so much to be grateful for and giving back because you can. 

The Seventh is Don’t Die With Your Music Inside.  This is about finding a way and a time, even if small to express yourself and do that thing that makes you come alive.  You don’t have to leave your job, but you do have to leave space to be happy. 

That’s it for now.  You have your Operating System, now go out there and make something happen. 

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As always our goal is to empower you, young professional of color, to go from invisible to invincible.  

Until next time, I’m your host, Mike Ambassador Bruny,  peace. 

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