Enhancing the Black Employee Experience

How To Go From Invisible To Invincible As A Black Professional @ Work

Dear HR, DE&I and ERG Leaders I want to talk to your Black Employees

Interested in seeing your Black Employees go from
invisible to invincible?
Let's schedule a 15-minute call.

What They'll Learn In This Presentation

How great would it feel if your Black Employees brought their whole selves to work and had a true sense of belonging. That would lead to greater productivity and retention; wouldn't it?

But what gets in the way?

My research shows that the answer to that question is, "Invisibility."  In the presentation you'll learn about 3 types of invisibility and how to overcome them. 

This work is grounded in my No More Reasonable Doubt framework.  Here’s a closer look at some of the elements:

Moment Of Clarity

Step 1

Get the world to feel your truth by getting grounded in all you bring to the table.

Time For Some Action

Step 1

Move from ideas to action and jump over roadblocks like an Olympian hurdler.

Love Of My Crew

Step 1

Build and maintain community/connections in a way that even introverts will love.

The Word On The Street...


Meet Your Presenter

Mike Ambassador Bruny, MBA, CPCC

Speaker, Author, Certified Coach & Founder of No More Reasonable Doubt

I'm on a mission to enhance the employee experience for Black Professionals at companies like yours.

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, as a first generation Haitian-American, I've come a long way. 

I've had the pleasure of working in several industries and holding several positions in and outside of management roles; including years chairing ERGs for Black employees.  I have also been an entrepreneur/side-hustler for over a decade.

I look forward to connecting and learning more about you and how I may be of service.  You can use my schedule link to book the time.

Just in case you are looking for some street cred; below you'll see a few places that my work has been experienced. 

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