Power Moves For Young Professionals of Color Through No More Reasonable Doubt [Periscope Video]

periscope on young professionals of color 

Hey this is Mike Ambassador Bruny.  Every other Tuesday I host a group session for folks who chose to be part of No More Reasonable Doubt.  In the past we have used Google Hangout type tools or Free Conference Call to host our gatherings.  

The other day I thought about expanding our reach and doing it through Periscope.  I called up my maven friend Joel (I knew he has already been researching it) and talked about best practices that he has gleaned from his research.

He shared some things with me, I prepped for the session and at 9 p.m. on Tuesday, July 21, 2015 I head my first official Periscope session.  

Below is the video of the session using a tool called Katch.

Take a look see and let me know what was the biggest take away for you. 

Are you planning on using Periscope as a young professional of color?  Below the video are some thoughts on why you should. 

The Video


 Why You Should Use Periscope as A Young Professional of Color

Periscope and Meerkat for that matter are live streaming platforms that you can use to share information with the world while it’s happening.  You can also use it as an education platform.  Here are my thoughts on why you should use it. 

  1. Show yourself as a thought leader.
  2. Connect with other young professionals of color.
  3. Build your personal brand and show your personality
  4. Be on the cutting edge at work (depending on your industry)

That is all for now.

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No More Reasonable Doubt is all about empowering you to go from feeling invisible to feeling invincible.

Go ahead and move forward, we’ve got your back. 

Signing out, 

Mike Ambassador Bruny

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