Welcome to our first interview!  Today’s guest is Ronia Stewart who is the president and CEO of Garden of Eden and Associates.  They focus on development for young leaders.

Listen to the interview:

A Few Notes From The Show:

  • Originally From: Boston, MA
  • School: Went to Clark College in Atlanta (business administration and then transferred to Northeastern (Paralegal Studies)
  • Early coaching could have impact and gives a better start to create their path to success.
  • Success has to come from the community up.
  • How to show a way to people who don’t have connections.
  • Didn’t discovery what she wanted to do until she was 35 years old.
  • Someone else helped her to realize her potential, what she was good at and where needed help.
  • A lot of us are good at a lot of things, but what do you love to do?
  • You have to vulnerable enough, confident enough, and intelligent enough to ask for help. [tweet this]

Advice For Those Who Want to go the same route

Focus on what you dream about doing the most and how do we make that come true?

Connect with Ronia:

Twitter: @GardenAndAssoc

Instagram: GardenAndAssoc

Web: gardenofedenandassociates.com

Phone: 774-260-5427

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