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Ready To Start Your Own Purpose or
Passion Project?

Imagine finally taking that dream of starting a podcast, writing a book, becoming a public speaker or any other creative endeavor and turning it into something tangible in the world. I'm talking #Done

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Where can the people learn more about your passion project and the dope work you are putting out into the world.

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What do you do for Full-time work?

I currently work as an ESL teacher in a city called Elgin, South Korea. I've been doing this I've been doing ESL work since 2016. And this is like my first year officially teaching in a public school setting.

What is your passion project and how long has it been in existence?

I got into his whole black travel experience since I moved to South Korea. Well, I started beginning so what got me attracted to come over here was the fact that I'm in my last semester of college and 2015, you know, go look into, you know, go into the job market, like find trying to find a job can find nothing. And the university job board found a list about teeth and possibly about teaching English, South Korea. So I looked into that sounds pretty great. But the problem was, let me want to start this whole blog categories, the fact that when it comes to I guess, that is ESL, but Oh, overall travel and tourism, there's barely any content back then back in 2016. Even now, there's barely any content. For somebody who looks like me who looks like us, you know? And obviously, you know, and I guess in 2020, when I was working in school, I just realize, okay, cuz I wrote a book about cheap, like a little Travel Guide. And I realized, okay, if no one's going to make this type of content, I should start. I'll go ahead and start playing. I'll try to make my own basically.

What is your project’s origin story: Why did you start this project; what was the passion behind the project.

Well, I've always been interested in traveling around the world, particularly to Japan because of anime, because back in the day in early 2000, you know, watched to Nami on Cartoon Network when he's playing shows like Dragonball Z, Pokemon, all that shows right. And I was interesting going to Japan, but I didn't know how to do it. And I didn't want to go to the military just to go travel to another country. And so, right now, now, I haven't been to Japan yet, because it's actually more expensive to travel there. It's pretty expensive. But um, I guess the My story is because of anime. Really?

Is there a point where you hesitated to start it?  What got you over that hump?

I guess my hesitation when I came up the idea? Well, I was well, I got the idea back in May 2020. I was at work one day, listen to this webinar series about how to turn like a side project you join you make a side income, you know, webinar series. And I thought about what something I haven't done before. Now, I never thought I would be able to write a book ever. Because I think I had to drive that you know, the goal that you have the skills to do so. And being that was the first book one, I figured, okay, let me at least try to test the waters see if people enjoy this type of content for sure. So I figured Let me test the waters first to see if people enjoy it. And if it is, if so, then let's try make another one. And for the first book, actually got put on furlough back in July 2020. It was supposed to be temporarily but actually not going through July until February 2021. So during last summer, I spent a time going around the city Inchon taking pictures going to various locations trying to notes and try and click you know, in giving positive victory turn to a book. I guess the fear of was not going to sell well people don't enjoy it when people don't like it and So as I when I mean, hey, I really say I wrote a book of some number, I mean, people because they've done that. So I did it. And so far, it has been positive feedback for that type of content. So I realized, okay, let's try book number two, see if people really enjoy that book me kind of going.

One of the biggest challenges people face when it comes to starting passion projects is finding time in their already busy lives to do it.  How did you find or make time for your project?

I guess the fact that when you have against me, it's our human nature, like we need to do feel productive, like we're actually doing some kind of work. So that's what can keep me busy. You know, not only get me out the house, you know, that'd be nice as the process was, you know, being psycho due to due to pandemic or not, I guess the fact like, Oh, I gotta go check out this location, go check out this location. You know, go around and take pictures. get to see a side of city that I probably never would have done. If there wasn't a pandemic was beyond I'll be honest. I guess it's the fear of August, I guess, I guess, is the fact like, it gave me some kind of purpose, I realized, okay, this is something I really wanted to do, but doesn't really give me it get it. It motivated me in a way that I've never done so by any kind of work that I've done beforehand, just the idea of Oh, I can make this type of project that no one's done before. Like, maybe I could start something I don't know. It gets the idea that you know, can be busy can be occupied. During the summer, fall, and kind of part of winter, I would add to the first book I published. I kind of felt so slow. Financial something really mainly. But um, bad thing kind of happening is like, you know, I did this I actually wrote a book. And then I say, Okay, let me try book number two. And only, I was only able to do research a few, like twice for a week. And to see a gig you do due to financial restrictions and quarantine.

Another big challenge faced is fatigue.  You work 9-to-5, it takes up 95% of your energy.  And we are not even talking about family and their needs yet.  What can you share with the listeners about getting energy after all the demands of life?

I have heard about passion projects providing renewed confidence and new skills when it comes to people’s day jobs.  How has your passion project impacted the way you show up at your day job?

 guess in a way because, right when I have some downtime, I'm not teaching a friend my lesson plans, you know, kind of, I guess, give me something else to do when I'm sailing, you know, watching YouTube when I'm, while I'm on the clock, I guess. I guess it's again, it's just a second passion project we like when you make a date is the fact that when you have this idea for a side, business side, hustle, side, hustle that you enjoy that you really like it, that you want to put all your energy towards it, you know, try and make it better, especially after you did the first part, your first project, okay, you know, again, is a testing ground, right? So the for the second round, you want to do a little bit better, you want to kind of step it up a notch, right. And that's what kind of gave for me, especially during this month. Back in, like towards the beginning of April, and I kind of had the same realization like okay, well, you know, what, we're in a good spot, I got a good job. Now I'm stable, let's go ahead and try get this book as soon as possible. So that's what kind of motivated me to want, get back out there and finish it.

There is someone out there listening to this recording who has something they are passionate about but they are on-the-fence when it comes to starting.  What bit of guidance would you provide to them?

 will say there's an idea. I say go for I think for a lot of us probably maybe you understand it's too late. It's pretty good. COVID made me realize I don't need a job to define who I am. Like, maybe. I mean, there's nothing wrong with having a job, whatever. But I realize if there's an idea you have a particular business side hustle, go for I mean, like as we I mean, we all say you only get one life to go do what you need to do. But I think because of the pandemic, it really opened my eyes appreciable. Everybody eyes realized, hey, this whole judicial pathway like that, everybody who don't we've been on this track for all this time. You realize what, what am I doing with my life? Like, yeah, you see the movie soul, right? The new Disney movie, Pixar movie?

So there's a particular scene and I guess, one of the minor characters like you know, he's like a hedge fund manager. Like he has a soul bag, he kind of has a sudden realization and essence of what am I doing with my life? And I guess it's kind of like saying way too, is like, when I was doing these projects, I felt more happy, more accomplished. Now, am I going to quit my current job to keep doing these whole black travel guidebooks full time? No, because I like teaching I Impalas you know, I need a paycheck, of course, you single paycheck. But the way I see it is if there's something you think you want to try, go for it, because again, who was I'm pretty sure like for you in a listen, listen to this. I mean, who was told us showed us like, Listen, we got one life who should appreciate it. This idea we want to try, go for it if you're in if you are in a financial stable position to do so, to maybe open up a side business or maybe write a book or something like that, if you're in a position financial stable position to do so. I say go for it.

Lastly, are there any particular books that you have found helpful along the passion project journey?  Please share 1 to 3 of them if any come to mind.

In terms of your potential awesome. There are many on Facebook, I'm part of many black author, facebook, facebook groups. So I joined those, they've been a great resource and ways to you know, meet other writers, authors and editors. I would say if there's like, especially writing a book, I would say don't write what you know, write about what you like, what you enjoy. And write what you know. The I feel like amazing writing other topics and things like that. It's challenging you like it, go for it. But I would say for me, it's like, if you write something that you like, they know about the actually know something about then you'll make sure he's going to be the best product you gotta be versus something that you may not know about. You may not like it ba is gonna be obviously that you just do it for the paycheck. You know. I can't really think of other resources. Like the website I use if you're thinking of publishing a book, use a website called publish Dr. One word, publish shop calm that's I've been using, and I enjoyed it so far.