What do you do for Full-time work?

I am a full time communications coordinator for the Massachusetts Department of Revenue. 

So that entails social media management, I'm doing voice over work now for tutorial videos, I'm sending out mass communications to taxpayers and businesses. I'm doing internal communications with an entire agency. So I'm manning the gates of all the information that needs to get out from a major government agency.

I’m also a full time mom and home school teacher (during the pandemic) to a third grader.

What is your passion project and how long has it been in existence?

My passion project has been starting a healing energy and jewelry line called Girl And The Moon Jewelry. 

According to my Google Photos it's actually been a complete year, since I've started creating things.

Where can the people learn more about your passion project and the dope work you are putting out into the world. 

Follow Girl and The Moon on Instagram: @Girl_AndLaLune or

email: GirlAndTheMoonOrders@gmail.com 

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