Season 2 of No More Reasonable Doubt Is On The Way

In this episode, I let you know that season 2 of the No More Reasonable Doubt podcast is on the way and you can expect two types of episodes:

  1. Those where I am interviewing Black professionals who have full-time 9-to-5 jobs (I use that lightly) and have also launched a purpose/passion project (you can substitute the word "passion" for "meaningful" if that makes it clear that it's not a hobby).
  2. Those where it's just me sharing insights to help you get your purpose/passion project started and keeping it going.  I'll even share how I've launched several passion projects over the years (some paid and some non-paid)

If you like what you are hearing, I invite you to hit the subscribe button so you never miss an episode.  I look forward to being of service and helping you get your meaningful project off the ground.