Ways To Support No More Reasonable Doubt

First and foremost, thank you for being here.  

As I’ve been working on the No More Reasonable Doubt movement for Black Professionals/Employees a number of people have asked me, “How can I help?”  Below you will find information about No More Reasonable Doubt and ways that you can help.

Key ways you can help at this stage:

What Is No More Reasonable Doubt

No More Reasonable Doubt is a movement focused on empowering Black Employees to go from invisible to invincible.  At the end of the day it’s all about enhancing the employee experience for Black Employees which increases the feeling of belonging and leads to more productivity, engagement and retention.  

My work is done using 3C’s: Community, Coaching, and Content.

No More Reasonable Doubt was created as a reaction to racial/social injustice in 2015 (No More Reasonable Doubt podcast created after conducting research) and has been given new life in 2020.

Donate To Endowing
A Virtual Assistant Position

The work is real and working solo is no joke.  Especially as a side-hustler (full-time employee) and an involved parent.  That being said, I realized I can’t do this alone.

I will be hiring someone who serves in the role of virtual assistant to help with content curation and maintenance and some research.  In short this part-time position will allow me to focus on being more strategic and focusing on my strengths to help Black Employees go from invisible to invincible.

The total amount I am raising at this time is: $5000

How does endowing the position work
Basically you donate towards the cost of the position and your name and logo is associated with it and will be displayed on our website.

You can either pay the total amount or make a partial donation by clicking on one of the buttons below.

Please note, my official business name is Run the Point Enterprises so that is what you will see on PayPal when you click one of the buttons below; no need to be alarmed.




Other Amount

Make Introductions To HR, DE&I, Or
Black ERG Leaders

 I am looking to get in front of more Black Professionals/Employees with my presentation called “How to Go From Invisible To Invincible As A Black Professional @ Work.” The presentation can be delivered as a keynote or workshop.

The Invisible to Invincible webpage tells you more.  This is the Link: https://www.NoMoreReasonableDoubt.com/InvisibleToInvincible

Shareable Language

Below is language you can share (go ahead and copy & paste) with your colleagues or friends who are HR, DE&I or ERG Leaders:

Email Sample:
Good morning <<First Name>>,
I’ve come across something that our company may find interesting for our Black Employee ERG Group.  It’s a presentation called, “Invisible to Invincible,” and you can learn more at their webpage: www.NoMoreReasonableDoubt.com/InvisibleToInvincible (watch the short video)

The presenter has a link to book a 15 minute call with him.  I think it’s worth listening to what he has to say and seeing how it aligns with some of our DEI efforts.

Thank you,
<<Your Name>>

Social Media Sample:
I love what @MikeAmbassadorBruny is working on with his presentation, “How To Go From Invisible To Invincible As A Black Professional @ Work.” HR, DEI, ERG Leaders check out his short video: www.NoMoreReasonableDoubt.com/InvisibleToInvincible #NoMoreReasonableDoubt #BlackEmployeesMatter #Diversity #Inclusion

Reach Out With Any Questions

Do you have any questions for me?  You can reach me different on WhatsApp by using this LINK or clicking on the WhatsApp icon below.

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