It takes a village to raise a child;
It takes a community to support a movement

Mike Ambassador Bruny Mike Ambassador Bruny

Thank you for being here!

I'm building a community for young professionals of color so they can have more impact and step forward in their greatness.

As a young professional of color you may think you have big dreams but they may be framed by limiting beliefs and exposure.  I'm on a mission to set those beliefs free and to increase the amount of expose to professionals of color in different careers.

A huge part of the movement is the "No More Reasonable Doubt," podcast which recently launched.  We have a great line up of interviews and need your help to get the word out.  It's the old, "if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it thing."  We want to make a big sustaining sound.

Wanna help?

Listen to our intro episode:

Three Ways You Can Help

  1. Subscribe to our podcast and leave a rating and review.  Sure I'd love for you to leave a 5 star review, but just follow your heart. See my easy to follow guide below.
  2. Share the movement with a young professional of color. We're easy to find at No More Reasonable Doubt dot com
  3. Join the No More Reasonable Doubt support team to get updates and ways to spread the word. Just hit this link to get it going: I Want to Support The Movement

How to Subscribe to The Podcast on itunes And Leave a Rating And Review

To subscribe and leave a rating and review from your iPhone or iPad visit this LINK

Subscribe on iTunes from your computer:

  1. Click this link
  2. Click the big blue button that says, “View in iTunes
  3. If asked, give your computer permission to “Launch Application” (which allows it to open iTunes). **If you don’t have iTunes it will direct you to the download page**

Click “Subscribe” and confirm on the “No More Reasonable Doubt” podcast.

Leave a Rating and Review from your computer:

  1. Click “Rating & Reviews” (to the right of the word “Details”) and then click “Write a Review
  2. Fill out the Review form (examples below) and click “Submit.” Your review helps other people looking at the podcast!

Reviews can be a simple sentence or two – here are a few examples. Feel free to use one or make up your own…

  • I've learned so much from your interviews.  I really didn't even know about some of these professions and that fact that there were people who look like me in those positions.
  • I'm not a young professional of color but I've learned a lot from your show. Keep 'em coming.
  • I enjoy your insights and the way you look at career development.  I'm definitely going to share this with some of my colleagues.


All done with subscribing, rating and reviewing and sharing the movement with at least one young professional of color and you STILL WANT TO KNOW HOW YOU CAN BE INVOLVED?

Send an email to with the subject: I want to be part of team NMRD and I'll provide you with more details on ways you can help.

I appreciate you!

Mike Ambassador Bruny